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How to Deploy a 'Jump Pod' on Kubernetes

Controlling a Kubernetes cluster from within

Having a jump host, bastian host (on AWS, on GCP) or sometimes called edge node is a common way to access computing resources which are not accessible otherwise. In this post I’ll explore how to create a Kubernetes pod acting as such a jump server within the cluster, which is then used to create more pods. I’ll need this later when running Spark on Kubernetes, but you can use it to be able to check the cluster’s internal network, too.…

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Kubernetes wins over Apache Hadoop

A prediction of change in dominance between two siblings

Recently, Apache Hadoop 3 has been released. Really, who cares? Everyone and his aunt is jumping onto the Kubernetes train. While maybe it seems that Hadoop and Kubernetes are very different beasts, in reality, they are not. It’s kind of the same thing, but in different flavors. Yet, Kubernetes looks like the overall winner.…

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