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How to Deploy a 'Jump Pod' on Kubernetes

Controlling a Kubernetes cluster from within

Having a jump host, bastian host (on AWS, on GCP) or sometimes called edge node is a common way to access computing resources which are not accessible otherwise. In this post I’ll explore how to create a Kubernetes pod acting as such a jump server within the cluster, which is then used to create more pods. I’ll need this later when running Spark on Kubernetes, but you can use it to be able to check the cluster’s internal network, too.…

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A Comparison of the Basic Building Blocks in AWS, Azure and GCP

Where Azure and Google Cloud shine and AWS fails

This sweet cloud promise, it sounds so simple - log into your cloud account, select a machine type and hit start. But as soon as you are running a dozen machines in all parts of the world for different projects and teams, you will start struggling with pulling apart your bill and granting rights to different people knowing which is what. Then you will find: this becomes unmanageable quite fast. Sure enough, every major cloud provider offers some kind of solution for this organisational mess, and this blog post will try to do a comparision. It is separated into two parts: the simple way, and the enterprise way.…

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Convergence of the Clouds

How Google and Microsoft take similar routes

Recently, I’ve been involved with the Clouds. Not so much everybody’s darling AWS, but more the runner-ups in the race: Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Both cool kids, but everyone with his its very different style and philosophy of what it considers “cool”.…

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